Entrepreneur or Businessperson: Which are you?

I can’t say I have never thought about the difference between a businessman/woman and an entrepreneur, I have.  However, I have never had a good answer to exactly what the difference is; until now that is.

Let’s start off with the obvious, dictionary definitions of both starting with businessperson.  According to dictionary.com definition, a businessperson is: “a person regularly employed in business, exp. a white-collar worker, executive, or owner”.

Fair enough. Now let’s compare to an entrepreneur.

A dictionary definition entrepreneur is: “a person who organizes or manages a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk; one who undertakes”.

I’m not sure about that.  It almost sounds as if that definition was written by a businessperson, and let’s be honest it most likely was. I personally, and feel free to differ, disagree with the dictionary definition of entrepreneur.  To be an entrepreneur you must possess one thing that a businessperson does not, and that is passion.

Passion cannot be outwardly measured the way money can because it is a feeling within; a need to change your outward world in a positive way.  Money cannot be a passion in the same way a toy itself can’t BE happiness.  They are distinctly separate entities and in most cases when an individual labels money as a ‘passion’ they are most likely confusing it with obsession.

If you find yourself disagreeing with this post, before you write it off, I urge you to contemplate two things.  One) if you are a mislabeled entrepreneur take a moment and think if what you are doing is your true passion and two) if you have never considered yourself an entrepreneur ask yourself one thing.  Do you feel a need to change something, a need to upset the status quo?  If so, then today is your first day of entrepreneurship.  Congratulations!

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh ^theLVD Weaver


About Josh Weaver

Joshua Weaver was born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University. He received his Bachelors of Arts, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science, in May of 2010. After working as a public speaker and advisor he then accepting a consulting position at Pricefalls.com, a Dutch Auction website based out of Las Vegas, NV. Upon completing two months of consulting he was offered a job as Director of Public Relations and accepted. He now spends the majority of his time researching trends and executing social media tactics to draw traffic to the site.
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