“Oh yeah, that guy… from that place…”

Happy N.U.D. Everyone!!  Today is National Unfriend Day and according to N.U.D. founder and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, it is the one-day a year where everyone should trim the fat of their friends list.

This socially inspired holiday’s creation is centered upon the belief that Facebook is ‘cheapening’ the nature of both friendships and relationships.  To an extent I agree with this statement but while Facebook has the power of evilly distancing people sitting right next to each other, it can also use its powers for good to bring those far apart physically closer together.

Going through my own ‘Friends” list, currently at 1,076 friends, I am very honestly surprised as to how many people I have added over the years that I simply do not or have not ever spoken too.  From girls who didn’t give me the time of the day to bullies back in elementary school, these are the people I have mistakenly labeled as ‘Friends’.  Why? Most likely because I wanted to see where they were now or had a misguided thought that somehow they had changed.  These are not the ‘Friends’ that Facebook labels them.

In fact I find myself testing each person with the three questions suggested by Jimmey Kimmel, “Would I loan this person $50? Would I invite them to my birthday? Would I cry if they got hit by a bus?”  Now I know this sounds harsh but it is purely a litmus test.  If the answer is no it does not warrant an immediate ‘un-friend’, however, it does cause me to think about the reasons why I would keep them apart of my Facebook experience.

Returning full circle, this again begs the question, “Am I letting a website control who I call ‘Friends’ or am I using a website to connect with my actual friends?”

So today, while your watching Modern Family, or ‘taking a break from homework’, pull some weeds out of your life and connect with real friends.

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh #theDirector Weaver


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Elliot Moskow is the CEO of Pricefalls.com. He launched Pricefalls in his Junior year of college. About Pricefalls.com Pricefalls is an online reverse auction site that serves as a complete online marketplace for consumers and merchants. Pricefalls is unique through its use of a ‘Dutch Auction' or descending pricing model. Using this model, items up for auction on the site start at a predetermined price ceiling and drop throughout the bidding period. This helps consumers get the best deals, while also enabling merchants to get more for each item they sell through Pricefalls. For more information please visit www.Pricefalls.com.
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5 Responses to “Oh yeah, that guy… from that place…”

  1. Ellen says:

    Just deleted about 100 “friends”! You made the cut, don’t worry Josh!

    • Josh Weaver says:

      Haha Thank you Ellen! I haven’t looked at my current “friend” total yet so I am wondering how many people did cut me. Not going to lie I was partially conflicted as FB “friends” are also readers.

  2. Mkw003 says:

    Timely post…. LHS girls were in the news recently when a Saudi Arabian man friended a number of girls, harvested their photos and reported on his site with the words “fresh meat.” this absolutely begs the question, “who are your friends?”

    • Josh Weaver says:

      Exactly! Now I understand the ‘oh I know him from Biology’ class “Friend” add, but why would you invite a random person to be your friend?! If you wouldn’t want to go to a movie with them you shouldn’t add them.

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