Airplane 3: Trip from Las Vegas

To start off this post I would like to state officially that I am not dead.  I am alive and in Michigan safely.  For those of you who were reading my posts on Facebook documenting the first leg of my trip from Las Vegas to Atlanta, I am sorry I haven’t written sooner I am just now settled down enough to not babble incoherently.  For those of you who didn’t get to read my posts I will recap.

As I boarded the plane and found my seat I knew it was the start of something interesting.  I took my place next to an older gentleman who was wearing a velvet black leisure suit with an unbuttoned white dress shirt underneath.  I can’t even being to try to describe him further, however, I did attempt to sneak a photo but it came out terrible.

The beginning of the flight was in fact quite nice.  I was seated in what had to be the 35+ section and was across the aisle from a woman who I am sure was a 40 year old Snooki for Halloween (not the one from True Blood).  It was around Memphis that things took an interesting turn.

The flight attendants were stopped right next to me on their trip down the aisle as the pilot got on the loudspeakers.  “Uhhh, this is your pilot speaking, uhhhhh I was just informed from the ground that we are about to be experiencing some extreme turbulence due to forming storms beneath us, uhhhhhhhhhhh as soon as I have more info I will let you know.”  The attendants looked at each other and the louder one said, quite frankly, “Extreme turbulence? I’ve never heard of that before”.  I thought to myself, “That can’t be good”.

The other flight attendant shot daggers and the first and assured everyone within earshot of that remark that it would be ok.  The pilot got back on the mic and announced to the plane that the extreme turbulence would be coming up on us in a few and that the attendants should be buckled in.  Now I’m not one to be concerned as far as flying goes, but as I watched the flight attendants rush down the aisle with the cart skipping 20 rows of thirsty people and buckling in, I knew it was going to be interesting.

I was right.  The plane hit the turbulence and I was lucky I was strapped in because 220lbs of freefalling goodness never ends well.  As we began to bounce up and down and all around I got out my book and began to read trying to ignore the bucking airplane and the frightened, yelling passengers.

The plane bounced and shook and was still doing so as I put my book down having finished a chapter.  I surveyed the surrounding people in the cabin and how they were coping with the mile high roller coaster.  It was a sight.  I saw people who didn’t know each other holding hands, a couple renewing their wedding vows and an older gentleman recording his will into his iPhone.  That gave me an idea.  Being the ever prevalent optimist I took out my iPhone and began to write short messages in my notepad in the form of tweets to send when we landed. (which can be found on my Facebook or twitter feed)

Twenty some tweets later and the turbulence stopped as quickly as it had started.

Needless to say I am still alive and well and very thankfully enjoying the remainder of the week working from Michigan with the family.

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh theDirector Weaver


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