Conclusion – Hugh Hefner, Grey Goose and some Australians

I apologize readers for not getting back to the Hugh Hefner story sooner but I was stuck on the roof of Caesars over the weekend and just got down.  I am truly thankful however, that it was cloudy in Las Vegas this weekend so I didn’t get to badly burned.

When I left off the story I had just waved to Mr. Hefner and received a polite wave back.  I walked away from the crowded corner table in an exhilarated daze and began to find my way to the bar.  After ordering a gin and tonic extra limes, realizing at that price it’d be my only drink of the night, I found another member of the wolfpack (another hangover reference and now how I will refer to the group I was with) and we began to take in the sights of Vegas nightlife.

One of the wolfpack, who shall remain nameless, as to not implicate anyone, began talking to an attractive woman who also had a friend.  The women, who I will refer to as A and G were very nice and from California and as my cohort talked to A, I was left to chat with G.  There was a large age gap between the two of us as well as both being taken so we talked about a gamut of topics, from her kids to my job to mountain climbing.

G then introduced me to a few of her friends who had a table.  (Quick side note: To be sitting, let alone at a table with a server, is both insanely expensive and exclusive, not even mentioning at the VIP Playboy Club)  I was flattered and exhilarated for the second time in one night and took a seat at a beautifully decorated and immaculately maintained table.

The moment my jeans touched the cushion a playmate was at my side asking what I would like to drink.  Knowing I did not have the money to buy a drink I began to decline but was interrupted by the host of the table, a very smartly dressed man in his late 50s with a beautiful younger wife, who insisted I had a drink and assured me not to worry and that it would be covered.  I thanked him profusely and ordered another gin and tonic extra lime.

Full introductions around the table led me to meet an Exec. at Oracle, a ballet dancer and life coach.  The host introduced himself as retired, but I felt a connection to all of the others at the table.  I introduced myself as a Written Word Technician for and was greeted by the confused looks I expected.

I further explained my dislike of the word blogger and that I was trying out new terms to redefine what I do.  The tabled loved the challenge and all began trying to create new titles for my business cards that ranged from creative writer to poster-of-random-shit-online.  The later doesn’t fit on my cards.

As the night reached 12:30, Hugh Hefner long gone (he’s older he needs his sleep), the host and his wife announced that he and his wife were going to retire to their room for the night.  The rest of the table announced the same leaving me as the odd man out, the wolfpack still wandering around the still very alive party.

The host pulled me aside and said, “You’re young, you don’t need to leave, I enjoyed your company I ordered a bottle of Grey Goose and its already taken care of.  Enjoy, be smart and have a nice night, the table is yours now.”  I didn’t know what to say.  I was legitimately speechless.  I shook his hand vigorously, thanked him profusely for the second time and had a huge smile on my face that was making my face hurt.

I flopped back down onto my seat once they left and looked at the table.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  The playmate waitress walked over and said, “This is for you” and set an unopened bottle of Grey Goose down with a carafe of cranberry, orange and lime juice, a few red bulls and some water.  I was still smiling but not sure how I was going to tackle a bottle on my own.

Luckily, I saw a group of 6 people who I had noticed before that had been walking around looking somewhat lost.   I waved them over and after a few confused looks the 4 girls and 2 guys walked over to the table.  I stood up introduced myself and said, “I have an unopened bottle of grey goose, would anyone like to help me finish it?”  They looked at me curiously and said sure.

I explained that it had been given to me but no matter how many frat days I may have had I was not interested in drinking a bottle myself.  So the remainder of the night I hung out with a group of Australian native 20 somethings who were on their way from LA to NYC via large van.  They said they were looking to find the American dream and expand their knowledge first hand of the world from America’s point of view.  Quick shout out to Ash, George, Shannon, Jamie, Evan and Melissa (whose names I wrote down on my iTouch so I wouldn’t forget).  Good Luck on your trip to NYC and stop by American Coney Island in Detroit, that’s a necessity.

Well that was a long one, thank you for reading through it!  Tune in tomorrow when I talk about how social networking can help businesses like  ALSO, if you have any ideas for a title other then blogger please let me know!

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh (<8the intern Weaver


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