Hugh Hefner, Grey Goose and some Australians

I may need to find a good dentist in the Las Vegas area because my jaw keeps falling to the floor.  This time it’s because of an invitation in my inbox to a party at the Playboy Club hosted by Hugh Hefner.  HUGH HEFNER! Seeing the gleam in my eyes comparable to that of a 4 year old at Christmas, Chad stated, “We are going, be ready at 9”.

(Side note: I have been a fan/follower of Hugh Hefner since my introduction to Playboy in 6th grade or so.  However, it’s more then just enjoyment of the magazine ARTICLES INCLUDED, but for the way Mr. Hefner has paved the path for numerous social movements and what he has given to pop culture)

As 9 rolled around I found myself staring at the door much like a puppy needing to go out as excitement began to build.  The four of us, Chad, Ryan, Jake (roommates and co-workers) and I piled into a cab and took off toward the Palms Fantasy Tower.  I already knew it was going to be a good night.

As I flashed my ID at the door, getting my name checked off ‘the List’ we were directed to the elevator to take us up to the VIP Playboy Club.  As the doors opened the elevator attendant said with a grin, “Welcome to the Playboy Club gentlemen”.  I honestly thought I had walked into a movie.

The club was decorated in a retro fashion typical of what I imagine was prevalent in the heyday of Las Vegas.  Through the center of the room there were beautiful poker tables manned/womanned by the bodacious bunnies in the classic black bunny suit and tail and two full bars with views overlooking the city womanned by bunnies in the classic red suits, tail and ears. (apparently only bartenders/waitresses get the ears)

The real attraction was off in a corner I recognized from many hours of watching E! and Playboy After Dark.  Hugh Hefner was in his classic lounging position with his current girl friend Crystal and other various Vegas celebrities such as Robyn Leach (he gets around!) and Holly Madison.

I can’t explain in written word how amazing the feeling was getting to see a lifetime long idol in person.  While a very large wall of body guards was in between Mr. Hefner and myself, I was exhilarated when, while walking by, I waved politely and he waved back.

That must be the feeling that pre-teen girls get when they see the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber in person.  However, it was less a lust for his person but exhilaration fueled by lust for the effect Hugh Hefner has had on popular culture and the world.

The rest of the night TO BE CONTINUED…!

Until next time (this evening) buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh $the Intern Weaver


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