Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door: Trends in Testosterone

It seems that in order to beat Chuck Norris all you need these days is a large budget and an attitude.  Yesterday, Skittles UK culminated their most recent campaign in which a character named David Phoenix, a mixture of Old Spice Guy meets David Blaine, took on the Facebook Fans of Skittles. (

He claimed, through multiple manly and egotistical remarks, that he could survive 24 hours of Skittles being dumped on him from those ‘Like’ing Skittles on Facebook.  It was a very interesting campaign and ended up even getting me to ‘Like’ Skittles on Facebook and watch as my contribution of tasty candy rained down upon him.   However, I must admit, my ‘Like’ing Skittles was less about the candy and more about burying the ego of this unknown, fake Chuck Norris.

Over the past few years there has been an upswing in testosterone found in marketing campaigns most notably in the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World and Old Spice’s Old Spice Guy campaign.  In these situations the brands blended the perfect amount of suave with mystery leading to an intriguing and sought after brand.  However, more recently Old Spice has switched to Ray Lewis, an NFL linebacker with the acting skills to match.  This recently switch to over exuberant manliness, while remaining in the spirit of the brand, is a distance past what made the Old Spice Guy so likable.

To some point this trend of testosterone is beginning to lose its originality.  The reason this is was a concern of mine is because is currently looking into branding strategies.  Making the mistake of jumping onto a diminishing trend never returns a positive result.

However, I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend of testosterone and predictions for the next big thing.

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh ^the intern^ Weaver


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