Catching an Almost Mistake

I hadn’t noticed my mistake until I read an interview with a very accomplished public speaker and blogger Chris Brogan on ‘Blogging, Social Media, and Passing Fads’ (   He responded to a question in a manner that surprised even the interviewer.  He responded to the question about Twitter and social media being a fad by saying, “I agree with them [those who agree with the fad statement], I wish them well.  All this social media stuff will be gone tomorrow”.  He then went on to explain that what he meant was “…social media has been around for well over 1000 years.  The telephone is social media.  Mail is social media.  The only thing that’s changing are the delivery methods and velocity”.   Hence leading me back to my mistake, I was beginning to get the inklings of being comfortable with the current social media and it’s use.

Untreated those tiny inklings can develop into full-blown cockiness and ignorance of the core principle of social media.  Besides the core principle of communication, social media has always, especially recently, been about changing the delivery mood best suited for the communication.  If I were to become comfortable in the art of the tweet or youtube video creation it would, indubitably (really wanted to use that word), result in a loss of creative content.  To be able to use social media effectively, especially in the marketing sense, the user must be willing to learn with the media and it’s consumers.

What current trend do YOU think is just a fad?  Tweeting?  Checking-In?  Pokemon?

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh !the Intern! Weaver

By the way, how fun is this smart phoners!!  (Mom, call me, I’ll tell you what it is)


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4 Responses to Catching an Almost Mistake

  1. MKW3 says:

    I think I followed your directions, but nothing happened. Help a poor immigrant out?

  2. MKW3 says:

    Oops “…must be willing (to) learn with…”

    P.S. I’m kinda hoping facebook is a fad. Its soooooooo voyeuristic.

  3. Ahh ok well I’d suggest downloading NeoReader or Qr App and once it’s downloaded you will be able to take a picture of the QR (barcode image above) and see the end result!

    Also in regards to Facebook, I personally think Facebook is to large to be a fad. Unlike other social networking websites that failed like myspace, Facebook has engrained itself deeply into both the day to day communication and psyche of those connected by it. However, I tend to believe it’s less voyeuristic and more a mixture of a personal limelight people and updated email service.

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