Social Media & Job Hunting

I’m not going to lie; I didn’t know you could get a cold in the desert.  Apparently I can find the exception to anything.  As 5-o’clock Friday rolled around I began to feel a tingle in my throat and began to sniffle some.  I was pissed.  I knew the feeling coming on and the cold that would result if I didn’t baby it until it was gone.  However, a day of doing nothing but surfing the internet and playing video games wasn’t enough babying it.  Apparently I needed to be knocked unconscious so I wouldn’t aggravate it any further, however, it’s Monday and I am sick.

Now I don’t mind being sick, but this morning my boss informed me that I would be participating in an interview for another intern.  I am very excited at the opportunity to add another to the family but I had to be sick for the interview didn’t I!  However, after blowing my nose with enough force for liftoff I was ready for the interview.  The Creative Director, Chad Casey, and I skyped with an individual from the UK who has a background in Public Relations/Social Media as well, making the interview very enlightening, pleasant and interesting.

After the interview concluded and lunch rolled around I jumped on and I came across an article that made me flash back to the Skype conversation (  The article was about job seekers and employers’ use of social media in the future for hiring purposes.  I hadn’t thought about it at the time, but I had been on the other side of the desk a few moments ago using social media to find out more about the applicant.  Without even thinking as soon as Chad gave me the interviewee’s name I opened Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and put the name into the search bar to see what came up.  After taking a moment to look through Facebook and the public LinkedIn profile that matched I had come up with a few questions right off the bat.  I had even made a note to ask for a writing sample from the applicant which came out as me asking if they had a blog.

The prevalence of social media in today’s interview made me reflect back on a previous post in which I warned that social media channels should be cleaned and tidied for potential employers.  Having now done these searches without it even registering, I can now once again say UPDATE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS especially if you are looking for a job anytime soon.

Speaking of job searching! is now accepting applications for the internship program in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have any questions or want to send in your résumé to be considered email or respond to this post with any questions.

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh %the Intern% Weaver


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