Movember is coming fast!

There’s a good chance that recently you’ve witnessed women all across Facebook dropping their inhibitions and proclaim boldly where they like to have sex.  Or so it would seem.  The recent plethora of ‘I like it on…’ statuses can be attributed to an internet meme spreading like wildfire and spreading due to its sexual related theme and the confusion it set on men not in the loop.  This catchy and easy to customize phrase actually has a deeper meaning and refers to raising awareness for breast cancer and it has seemed to make quite an effect.  This formula also worked in January for breast cancer awareness when women began updating their statuses with just the color of their bras.  This strategy also worked in January, confusing and titillating millions of men.  I’m beginning to wonder if women actually do have more fun.

However, this November it’s the men’s turn.  Redubbed as Movember, it’s a time for men to plant, plow, grow and cultivate those lip caterpillars in order to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.  Movember is a time for only the boldest of men to grow a mustache and use its might and influence to spread the word. also reported that this Movember there will be a contest called The Moscars where only the manliest of men can send in their mustache-based/prostate cancer awareness raising videos in order to win prizes and awards.  The guys at are indeed manly enough and as of today have entered the race for best mustache video.

In addition to entering our best mustache/prostate cancer awareness raising video today a survey was announced to choose the type of beard, you guessed it, myself, the Las Vegas Intern, will be growing.  As you will see below I’ve provided a link to the survey, youtube video and an image of all the mustache’s available to choose from.  Choose wisely and often and watch me attempt to grow a mustachio masterpiece!

I also need to point out that without the mission of helping buyers and seller as well as assisting the community so closely whenever possible this event and chance to raise awareness of prostate cancer would not be possible.  I am proud to work at a company with this mindset.

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh – the now beardless intern – Weaver

Youtube –

Survery –


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4 Responses to Movember is coming fast!

  1. Sean says:

    Fu Manchu. That is all.

  2. Thnks says:

    Fronz Josef!!!!!

  3. MKW3 says:

    Mutton chops all the way. You look marvelous darling, truly marvelous!!! Watch the tie though!

  4. Maggie says:

    Would love to see you in a nice, big handlebar. Love reading your blog.

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