Sailing the Sea of Social Media

As I wrote yesterday, the Map of Social Networking has changed drastically, like the landmass of Pangea, some continents have grown apart while others stay and grow together. However, not all social migration is that slow, much like a volcanic eruption can create an island from lava cooling, a great idea can spew forth and rise above the Seas surface to create a base for users to populate; while other ideas, no matter how great, can struggle to break the waves. Most of the ideas that do manage to break the surf are off of the coast of another larger networking continent as an extension off of an already established idea. It is only those ideas truly separate or revolutionary who occupy their own space in the ocean of social networking.

If you look at map to the right, in the bay of Facebook, islands and archipelagos have all either formed or migrated to a position of close ties. While the island of Twitter, Youtube Island, the island of Skype, and MMO Isle are all separate identities with their own niche, each of them has a distinct connection with the motherland of Facebook. Whether its proximity due to similar users or carious hosting reasons they depend on each other to an extent.

If you look to the Sea of Opinions you will also notice the Blog Archipelago which has the colonies of Diary, Music, Fandom, Political, Religious and Miscellaneous. What this map also points out is the Core Region of the Blogosphere where Tech, Gossip and Liberal Blogs are centered. Currently I am captaining the Las Vegas Intern Blog boat through the Sea of Zero Comments, hoping to pass through the Spamblog Straits building it from a dinghy to a cruiser. I hope and work hard that one day that ship will take me across the Sea of Opinions into Social Media Consultant Channel.

As I ride in the Pricefalls liner as first mate of communications, we plan to sail from continent to continent creating outposts, in order to provide users with the best possible auction experience. I only hope we can avoid the pirates of bad choices and sail safely around all obstacles.

Until next time buyers, sellers, friends and mateys!


Josh #theintern Weaver


About pricefallsllc

Elliot Moskow is the CEO of He launched Pricefalls in his Junior year of college. About Pricefalls is an online reverse auction site that serves as a complete online marketplace for consumers and merchants. Pricefalls is unique through its use of a ‘Dutch Auction' or descending pricing model. Using this model, items up for auction on the site start at a predetermined price ceiling and drop throughout the bidding period. This helps consumers get the best deals, while also enabling merchants to get more for each item they sell through Pricefalls. For more information please visit
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One Response to Sailing the Sea of Social Media

  1. MKW3 says:

    Oh my . . . I’m so excited to see the fruits of an phenomenal education!!!

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