End of Week 2

It’s finally the end of week two of my Las Vegas Adventure, and I must say as exhausted as I am I still feel as if I have accomplished a great deal this thus far. Let me recap some, I traveled to the other side of the country, to a state which I knew no one, moved in with 4 strangers, began a job at http://www.Pricefalls.com, a 17,000 Alexa ranked website (out of some 22, 000, 000+ in the US), and just began to write a PR centered plans book. I feel, strangely, comfortable in the strangeness that I’ve jumped into. A comfort that facilitated by both an amazing work team at Pricefalls, but an amazing support system at home, who keep me on track. Whether it’s the people in Michigan or those out here in Nevada I am living with, I have the gotten constant support or feedback needed to make sure I said on the right track.

That being said, it can still be difficult to live in such a distracting city, where the beautiful mountains are out my window to the right and the bright, shiny Las Vegas Strip out my window to the left. Many times I have wanted so badly to just take a long lunch break and walk the strip (something I will for sure be doing this weekend). However, now that I have been switched into the on position of working life, I am not sure how I will be able to turn that off. This in itself is not necessarily a bad thing as long as work and home have time to be separate, but what happens when you work where you live? The Pricefalls Las Vegas office is located near Panorama Towers, which, very handily at times, is where I live. After a quick shower and breakfast, an elevator ride to the coffee (made twice daily), and an elevator ride up to the office, I am at work and ready to roll, or more accurately, type. I have this time every morning to shift from the personal gear up into the work gear and drive through the work day, but every once in a while I get stuck in that gear which results in the terrible crunching of gears when the opposite needs to occur at the end of the work day. As if by some physic act of fate, my co-worker and roommate Andy informed me that it was his birthday this weekend. At last, unwind time! Something I’ve noticed a few other roommates may need as well.

As my work day closes for now, and I am left to my devices in Las Vegas, I am reminded what the man I met on the plane said my first day here, “Keep your money locked up, and your momma on your mind”.  Still haven’t run into either being a needed philosophy but we shall see what this weekend brings!

Until next time buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh *the Intern* Weaver


About Josh Weaver

Joshua Weaver was born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University. He received his Bachelors of Arts, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science, in May of 2010. After working as a public speaker and advisor he then accepting a consulting position at Pricefalls.com, a Dutch Auction website based out of Las Vegas, NV. Upon completing two months of consulting he was offered a job as Director of Public Relations and accepted. He now spends the majority of his time researching trends and executing social media tactics to draw traffic to the site.
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One Response to End of Week 2

  1. Clare says:

    That is very sage advice, indeed. Smart man…

    🙂 So proud of you, darlin’. Back here in MI it’s exciting to read about the adventures you’re having. Hope you don’t need to call on the support system too much, but glad to be here when you do!

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