I had it today; my first moment of being overwhelmed. It hit me like a haymaker to an unprotected stomach. As per usual, it was Excel’s fault, a program I have had an issue understanding from day one, and all I could do was restart the project for the 5th time and again pour over my notes in an attempt to understand the conversions. As I slumped back into my chair, face in my hands, waiting for my computer to zip the ridiculously large excel project, my gaze shifted to the mountains outside of my window and a whole different level of unfamiliarity snuck into my head. I am in a very foreign atmosphere, in a state where I know no one but my co-workers, and the weight of the situation took on a different type of strain.

Just as I thought I was going to need to throw my laptop from the 31st floor, a familiar beep sounded through my headphones and my taskbar flashed showing an Instant Message. “You ok” it said addressed from one of my bosses, Chad. He saw that I was having an issue and proceeded to talk to me about similar ridiculous situations he had been in, where he felt like drop kicking a piece of technology, which proceeded to make me feel a thousand times better. Another one of my bosses, Ryan, then approached me, and took time out of his insanely busy schedule to work through the very easy problem (so I found out) and tell me he was always available for questions.

Chad then walked over to my desk with another very nice, computer monitor, which he proceeded to hook up to my computer and set up the dual screen feature allowing me to use double the screen space to keep tabs on both my inventory work as well as my social media efforts. I was stunned. I hadn’t asked for any of this, not the personal help, nor the monitor, and whether or not it was a “cheer up it’ll be ok” gesture or purely coincidental it showed me the depth everyone on the team was willing to go to make sure everyone isn’t pulling their hair out in chunks.
I then took a deep breath, put all of my personal issues and tasks in a row, and took them out one by one. Something I would have not been able to do had I not had the amazing co-workers/bosses that I do. This example was a very clear depiction of how the Pricefalls team works; the success of the company is built on the success of each other, and when one falls behind coworkers should have the sensibility to help them catch up.

Until later buyers, sellers and friends!


Josh – the intern – Weaver


About Josh Weaver

Joshua Weaver was born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan and attended Western Michigan University. He received his Bachelors of Arts, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science, in May of 2010. After working as a public speaker and advisor he then accepting a consulting position at Pricefalls.com, a Dutch Auction website based out of Las Vegas, NV. Upon completing two months of consulting he was offered a job as Director of Public Relations and accepted. He now spends the majority of his time researching trends and executing social media tactics to draw traffic to the site.
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One Response to Overwhelmed

  1. Clare says:

    🙂 This one in particular made me smile. I love reading about your adventures – it sounds like a really great place for you to be, Josh!

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